ZOMAplast, s.r.o.

It came into existence via the privatization of the company Plasty, with the joint-stock company Precheza Přerov, and in this way it follows in the tradition of producing equipment from structural thermoplastics, when from the early 70s, originally a pipe manufacturing workshop had started to produce tanks made from poplypropylene.

Following the revolution in the 90s, when gradually new technologies and materials arrived to The Czech Republic, our company expanded its manufacturing programmes, as well as its production capacity. Apart from chemical and pharmaceutical companies, ironworks, (pickling), and electric power stations, (chemical water treatment), also became customers. The manufacturing company gradually became a supplier of larger technological plants.

Since 2003 we have been the only domestic producer of homogenous spirally wound large-diameter tubes used mainly for the production of storage tanks and process vessels.
Within suppliers to investment plants, we provide the whole package : design, project, technical doccumentation, production, assembly, and maintainence of the plant for the operator.
We offer facilities with a service life certified by a reputable standard, by calculation as well as by historical reference and experience.

In 2000 ZOMAplast bought shares in an engineering company, PREST Přerov a.s., of which it became 100% owner. This daughter company focuses its manufacturing and entire programme mainly to chemical engineering, to energy suppliers and petrochemicals. The co-operation of mother and daughter companies is quite limited, we are mutual subcontractors.

Throughout all its 23 years of existance, ZOMAplast has had the same top management, and the same executive directors...