Storage Tanks

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We are the only Czech producer of homogeneous spirally-wound large-diameter pipes.

Protective Jacket, Emergency Sump

Any diameter is possible

The winding technique allows to change the diameter of the containers according to the customer. Literally by millimetres.

Functional, permanently exposed tank



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ZOMAplast is known for its many successful projects in designing and manufacturing absorption units and separators.

Packed Scrubber

Venturi Ejector

Separation of the liquid phase from wet cleaning


Technological Tanks

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Here we include reactors, dilution and dissolution tanks, and pickling and other tanks for surface treatment.

High-Speed Mixer

Sloping Bottom


Droplet Separators

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Exhausted or blown gases often contain liquids (steam, aerosol) ranging from "mist" to "rain".

Aerosol into a spin vane separator

Dry, purified air

    Reliability and durability chemistry in safety

    Reliability and Durability
    Chemistry in Safety

    We obtained the international TÜV quality certificate with the ČSN EN ISO 3824-2 standard.


    We are Zomaplast
    Already for 30 years

    Our company production and assembly programme focuses on chemical engineering, the power industry, and water purification and treatment plants. We are proud to celebrate 30 years of existence with the same company management.

    ABOUT THE COMPANY We are Zomaplast Already for 30 years

    Technological Units

    Considering perfect functionality and especially guarantees, the clients do not ask for a single device, but for an aggregate or turnkey project.

    We offer Technological Units in the form of

    1. Packaged Units
    2. Operation Aggregates
    3. Production Units
    4. Pilot Units

    The suggested design is preceded by a chemical-engineering project, respecting the applicable legislation and the specific requirements of the future user. We then "fit" the project with equipment, largely manufactured by ourselves, assemble it on-site, and put it into operation.

    Technological Units
    • Chemical Economy

      Chemical Warehouses, Bottling and Dilution, Dosing into the process

    • Operation Aggregates

      Complete Parts of Production.

    • Process Units

      Pilot Units, Pilot Productions, Absorption Units.

    Important Clients

    Basic Chemistry, Water Management, Power Industry, Metallurgy, Petrochemistry, Waste Management


    Our History

    30th Anniversary of the establishment of the Company

    It was founded 30 years ago as a 100% successor to the PLASTY Plant of the Přerov Chemical Works. Some of the workers in the "chemical shop" which was ending fertiliser production also moved to the emerging ZOMAplast s.r.o.

    Cooperation with the Luxembourg company CIRCUIT FOIL Wiltz

    November 2017 – The ongoing cooperation with the Luxembourg company CIRCUIT FOIL Wiltz was started.

    The first major export order for an operational ensemble

    December 2013 - First major export order for an operating set - fa LAMERS HTS (NL) ordered coolers, separators, and towers for AMSL Eindhoven (NL), one of the world leaders in chip production.

    Foundation of the subsidiary company PROFIPLAST o.o.o.

    Foundation of the subsidiary company PROFIPLAST o.o.o. Sumy in 2007. It was a joint venture with a local partner. The start of privatisation in Ukraine seemed to offer a suitable environment for expansion. However, large industrial enterprises were not officially privatised in principle, and therefore the acquisition was terminated after four years; 50% of the share was sold to the Ukrainian partner.

    Foundation of the subsidiary ChemResistEurope, s.r.o.

    Establishment of the subsidiary ChemResistEurope, s.r.o. in Prague in 2003 by buying it from the English company ChemResistGroup, Ltd. The company was moved to ZOMAplast in Přerov in 2005. This step was decisive for the further direction of the company's development.

    In particular, the purchase of technological equipment for winding pipes and no less important know-how for the production of absorption equipment. During the following years, we managed to maintain friendly relations with the English side, which were important for the development of common technology.

    Establishment of the first subsidiary, PREST Přerov, a.s.

    Establishment of the first subsidiary, PREST Přerov, as in 2000, by purchasing 100% of their shares from PRECHEZA Přerov. The main activity of this company was, and still is, engineering production. This acquisition was a good move.

    Flood 7-10 July 1997

    The flood of 7-10 July 1997; the plant was flooded with an enormous amount of mud, which drowned all our machines, cars, computers, archives...

    Foundation of the Company

    The company was founded on 17 July 1992 by the purchase of the PLASTY Plant and in the same year there was a large export order for titanium white vacuum filters to China.