Tank inspection service

During their exposure in some chemical surroundings, plastic tanks have a lower service-life, yet nevertheless their utilization is permitted by standard regulations. Following a certain time duration therefore, inspection and evaluation is required.

There are further influences however, the weathering of some plastics, exposure to permanent high temperatures, vibration, and other additional stresses and strains.

ZOMAplast has at its disposal historical references, dating back to the beginning of the 70s, when the then technicians began with plastic applications. It also maintains an historical database of some equipment, primarily mixers, and also undertakes inspection and evaluation of the vessels.

The interval between inspection / evaluation is set by Parliament act number 254/2001 and following... The basic time interval is 5 years from the time of commission.

With respect to the projected (calculated) service life, vessels subjected to a high influence of liquid chemicals, usually have this interval shortened.