Storage tanks - Upright storage tanks

Tank dimensions:

  • The size range of shell tanks is from 850 - 4,500mm in diameter. The winding technology allows a change in diameter of the vessel at will – exactly to the milimetre.
  • The maximum height of the shell without surfacing is 10,000mm, extending (via welding) has no limit apart from any potential effect upon the static foundation during heavy winds.
  • Working volume up to 200m3

Design of plastic tanks:

  • Large volume tanks
  • Single walled and dual walled vertical cylindrical tanks
  • Conical tanks – silos, cyclones

Large diameter tanks

Large volume tanks, especially those with a large diameter and tanks installed together on site, we complete from frames – technology probably typical for steel tanks. These frames we transport to the location, or the often cramped conditions of the manufacturing plant, where we assemble and weld them.


The diameter of the tanks can often be 5 metres and more, the volume of the tanks being 150 -300m3.