Process tanks and agitators

In the case of process tanks, the majority are vessels exposed to an increased temperature or pressure, often a vacuum, fitted with a mixing system, heating or cooling regulators, a spraying / atomizing system, or aeration and ingredient dosage systems...

Also an exhaust system with a fume scrubber and various instrumentation and sensors for measuring and regulation are often fitted as accessories.

Temperatures and pressure

With process tanks, the low thermal conductivity of plastics is especially utilized. Winding technology of a greater thickness then enables the usage of vessels at higher temperatures than what is common:
PP-H up to 130°C, PE-100 up to 90°C. The external surface temperature of the strong wall of the process tank remains distinctively lower. The insulation of vessels in these cases is rather a complication.

It is easier for a thick wall to withstand overpressure, rather than underpressure where there is a danger of "buckling". With plastics which have a greater creep (cold flow), it is necessary to take into consideration the factor of loading and processing time.



For more than 20 years, ZOMAplast has been involved with the development and production of plastic agitators for highly corrosive environments, and, with respect to the properties of the materials, for frequent operation at extreme temperatures.

We make almost all types of vertical agitators:

  1. paddle wheel
  2. propeller
  3. turbo-stirrer
  4. anchor
  5. frame-stirrer
  6. screw

Multiple layer agitators with shaped paddle wheels, highly efficient at a lower input power, represent the modern trend.

We always design an agitator system comprehensively, according to characteristics of the liquid, suspension etc.:

  • the type of stirring element
  • the number of agitator levels
  • the location within the tank (oblique, eccentrically placed)
  • the shoe bearing or stabilization ring
  • the rotation
  • the type of buffers
  • the type of filling
  • the motor input and drive type

A four-level mixer for thick suspensions