Tanks made from thermoplastics are used mainly for solutions of aggressive chemical liquids, waste water, liquid fertilizers and also for drinking water. A significant advantage of plastic tanks are almost zero maintainence costs during the long lifetime of the equipment.

ZOMAplast is the only Czech producer of homogeneous casing for storage and processing tanks. It is a technique of a spiral winding which, unlike the technology of centering from plates, guarantees a higher safety of useage because it does not have a welding joint. The technology also enables the winding of supporting plastic onto a more chemically resistant lining.

The main advantages of spirally wound tanks:

  • Modern and reliable technology of manufacture
  • The continuous dimensional series of tank diameter
  • Unlimited thickness of the casing as opposed to the layered casing such as from plates
  • High projected lifetime of the tanks, up to 50 years, (according to statistical calculations), in comparison to laminated tanks.
  • Safe storing even of high aggressive media, such as, for example, concentrated H2SO4, NaOCl, HNO3, organic solvents etc.
  • Resistance towards higher temperatures given by the thickness of the casing in combination with the low thermal conductivity of the plastics.
  • The low thermal conductivity allows the omission of any thermal insulation around the vessel.

Basic material designs:

Material Max. temp. of the media
PE-HD: PE-80, PE-100 80 °C
PP-H, PP-B 115 °C
PVDF 140 °C


Combinations of casing and lining also used very frequently:

  • PP/PFA
  • PP/ FEP

The lining is firmly connected with the main plastic (set via glass fibre).

Also other layers are used, such as exterior shading, a colour or a conductive layer:

  1. Lining
  2. Supporting plastic
  3. UV stabilization, electric conductivity, colour

The structural design of plastic tanks and their production corresponds mainly with Czech Regulation ČSN EN 12 573, (Stable pressure-free tanks from thermoplastics), and the DVS, (the regulation of a German association concerning the welding of thermoplastics).

In special cases we use calculating programmes which do not have any support in the above mentioned regulations – they were compiled by the Faculty Of Plastics Technology, UTB Zlín.