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Dissolution, dilution, mixing

Dosing units of acids, alkalis, and coagulants include a vessel for the dilution of chemicals or for the dissolving of powdery chemicals, viscous flocculants, and dispersion additives. A dosing control panel is positioned directly onto the container holding the concentrated chemicals.

If it is necessary to dose a previously diluted solution, the dosing unit is usually equipped with a static mixer.

Diluting units are especially used for the dilution of the more viscous concentrations – coagulants, flocculant and mainly concentrated sulphuric acid. In case of H2SO4 the process of dilution is dependant upon its cooling. Cooling units are made from PVDF, E-CTFE, PFA.

Dilution unit for sulphuric acid.

Dilution unit for sulphuric acid.

Mixing systems

ZOMAplast is a producer of static liquid to liquid mixers, liquid to gas mixers, and also static mixers for gases. For the mixing of sythetic fluids, a mixing injector is usually used.

mixing injector mixing injector

Mixing and dosing screws

In our manufacturing portfolio we have a range of plastic screws of various types:

Cellulose mixing screw Cellulose mixing screw
Chemical sediment dosing screw Chemical sediment dosing screw